Why YOGA is so important in modern time


1. Strengthens arms and wrists
2. Stretches the upper back
3. Strengthens the abdominal muscles
4. Opens the groins
5. Tones the abdominal organs
6. Regular practice of this pose will increase mental and physical strength.
7. It increases endurance capacity.


1. Gives flexibility to the entire body.
2. Gives strength to the legs, arms, lower back and tones your lower body.
3. Strengthen the abdominal organ.
4. Improve blood circulation throughout the body.
5. Act as a stress reliever.
6. Relieve pain during menstruation days in women.
7. Relieve back pain.


1. Strengthens legs hips, ankles and chest.
2. Helps to reduce weight.
3. Stretches the thighs, groin, and abdominal organs.
4. Improves posture and your balance.
5. Improves digestive system.
6. Good for improving concentration.
7. Releases stress and calms the mind.