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Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga, which accurately means “union through the discipline of force”, could be a school of Yoga that stresses mastery of the body as how of achieving a state of spiritual perfection during which the mind is withdrawn from external objects.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Vinyasa, also called “flow” due to the graceful way that the poses run together, is one among the foremost popular contemporary sorts of yoga. it is a broad classification that encompasses many various sorts of yoga, including Ashtanga and power yoga.

Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss is that the new mantra and talk about the town. Since, Yoga is an ancient and one among the foremost effective ways of losing weight. The simplest part of practicing yoga for weight loss regularly is that it’s not only offers your physical well-being but also uplifts you mentally and spirituality.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga is a great and convenient way to stay active and healthy for Pregnant Ladies and also for their Babies. Aarav Yoga’s pregnancy Yoga Classes use relaxation and breathing techniques with postures that are adaptive to pregnancy.

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Children Yoga

It includes poses to extend strength, flexibility, and coordination with both Physically and Mentally. Classes are intended to be fun and should include age-appropriate games, animal voices and Artistic names for Asanas. The Asanas teached by our faculties, are very simple and interesting for children.