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Yoga is universally performed exercise practiced by one whom wanted to make himself fit and build own body capable to fight any kind of diseases. Neither by reading the texts nor by wearing the Fake garlands or ascetics, One can be fit from his body and mind through yoga.

Harmonize the Body
The daily practice of yoga strikes a great change in a human body, not only physically but also from mind.
Yoga for Everybody
Aarav Yoga is a well known expertise, in teaching yoga amongst every age group, whether they are Kids, juniors or seniors.
Renewing Your Mind
Daily one hour practicing of yoga, can make one’s mind relax and stress-free. It also prepares a human body for a whole hepatic day.
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Yoga for Real Energy
Yoga strengthens your body, to combat against various diseases, spreading around our day to day Environment.
Small Group Classes
Aarav yoga have pre-planned schedules for their students, with limited seats in every class and also with different timings in morning or evening.
Live the Life You Love
There’s no defined age for practicing yoga. One can perform Yoga at any age or in any situation, this will not harm his/her’s body. 
Our Yoga Classes

Aarav Yoga conducts scheduled classes with well behaved and experienced Teachers on timings for both morning and evening.

Private Yoga Classes

Benefits of personal Yoga Classes Similar to personal fitness trainer a personal yoga teacher designs a category specific to the requirements of scholars . These private instructions offer you the chance to experience a category designed for your body, your abilities, and your goal. Private instruction allows you to work […]

Group Yoga Classes

Some love the thought of practicing yoga alone, while others like to practice yoga during a group. Whether you practice yoga alone or with friends, the entire idea is to urge the utmost benefits of it. However, those that practice yoga during a group get benefited from others during a […]

Reiki Healing

Reiki may be a sort of energy therapy. Despite skepticism in some circles, it’s growing in popularity. It involves the transfer of energy by contact hands. Small studies show that Reiki can slightly reduce pain, but no studies have shown that it’s effective in treating any diseases. Physical Level On […]
International Day of Yoga 2020
21 June 2020 Sunday - 8:00 am Greater Noida
Meet Our Yoga Trainers
Anand Mamgain

Owner & Director


Co - Founder

Dimple is co-founder of Aarav Yoga. She has been practicing yoga in different forms since 2003 and completed her master degree from Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar,India . She has 3 years of experience in Lady Hardinge Medical College & RML Hospital New Delhi. Further she moved to Maldives in the Hospitality Industry. The results of her own practice and her seeking spirit have led her to believe that Yoga has the power to transform people’s desires, needs.

Sumit Raturi

Yoga Instructor

Rahul Badoni

Yoga Instructor

Priyal Soni

Yoga Instructor

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Aarav Yoga is the best yoga center which teaches different types of yoga like power yoga, hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, meditation, and breathing techniques. As its motive is clear to spread spirituality of yoga amongst the youth.


There are so many Yoga centres near my locality but Aarav Yoga is one of the most finest and deserving Yoga centre in mine locality. Their faculties are very helpful towards every student.

Priyanka, Choreographer
Yoga in Nature – Best Yoga Classes in Delhi NCR Area!
Available for everyone and all levels of yoga practitioners are welcome.
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