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Pranayama has numerous benefits, not just for physical & mental bodies but to grow spiritually also. In simple words, pranayama may be a a part of yoga that comes in practice after Asana. A beginner in pranayama can always try some simple breathing techniques to urge started on their journey. Being a doctor, during this article, I even have described the scientifically proven benefits of pranayama. After reading these benefits, you’d skills a skillfully practicing breath in pranayama helps you in getting perfect physical & psychological state.

Benefits of Pranayama

  • It improves blood circulation.
  • Keep away the heart-related problems.
  • Provide relaxation for body and mind.
  • Improves your concentration.
  • It relieves Stress, Depression, and Hypertension.
  • Cure asthma, neurological problems, migraine, depression, headache.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Releases anxiety.
  • It improves the function of reproductive organs.
  • Release stress and depression.
  • Build up self-confidence.

Positive Thinking: Pranayama develops positive thinking. It gives confidence and boosts energy levels. Positive thinking develops positive vibes and it helps to cure disease.

A place to Pranayama or Yogasana: The place for yoga should be clean and filled with fresh air. Women shouldn’t practice yoga in menstruation days.

Practice Regularly: confine mind if you would like to enjoy the advantages of pranayama then you ought to practice it regularly. Only regular practice can offer you better results.